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IDEA: Delete a Folder(s) Contents when size or date/time limit is exceeded

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I need a program to delete the gif images my security software dumps into a folder every 15 secs. The folders get huge in short order if I forget to get around to them.

kartal:  this one has many features. One of tthe features is  scheduler that you can use to delete certain folders and files.

Thanks I have downloaded it and will give it a try.
Your post was appreciated.

It may look daunting at first but it is very capable software. If you can manage to pass first hardships you will see that it is a gem. Unfortunately default installation and setup is little confusing. After you install probably you will find it hard to understand. So what you need is to run pproconf.exe from the powerfolder diretory. From there you can disable default tabs, windows and setup your scheduler. The command you will need is "file" command under scheduler.

Also the documents are not bad at all in my opinion.

I was able to figure it out pretty quickly with the tips you gave.
Thanks again


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