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I´m really frustated..


Deal all,
I have one hour and a half tryng to run the sreenshotcaptor. I have a key but nothin alike "about" to put the key.  :down: No idea what its happening and I´m worry that maybe I´m waisting a lot of time....
best regards..

Carol Haynes:
Run ScreenShot Captor and go to Help menu and select About

Click on the button to "Enter new license information"

Paste your license key in click accept and that's it.

Have you looked in the Help section here at the DC site:

You *should* find "About/Enter new Licence key" in the Help menu from within the main Screencaptor window.

Dang. Carol beat me to it!

EDIT: note that you can also right click on the icon in the system tray and select "About/Enter new Licence key" from the context menu...


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