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Discussion - should we use drupal?

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If you read my previous post on the my initial feelings about wiki you know i was not happy with it.

I've recently installed Drupal, and even without any fancy configuration I am loving it:

I think it's likely we will remove the wiki and do all collaborative work through the Drupal pages.

I will try to set up an automatic registration for forum members so users don't have to sign up twice.

I'm also looking into the possibility of using a drupal-based feature request/bug report system, instead of the mantis standalone system we are using.

As you will read in this thread we have since decided not to go with drupal, and have actually settled on using MediaWiki, despite all of it's flaws.

I think we may try to move all non-forum and non-main-site content to drupal, i.e. blogs, bug tracking, etc.

Carol Haynes:
I have been experimenting with Drupal, as you know, but I am finding it really doesn't handle posting graphics well at all.

There is a graphics module on their site, but it is almost universally slated in their forums as being hard to install and not at all user friendly.

Trouble is it uses either full HTML, PHP scripts (both of which I am sure you are not happy with) or limited HTML code for posting. Unfortunaely limited means REALLY LIMITED. It gives the impression you can add tags to what is possible, so I added <img> .... doesn't work ...

The only way I can get images to work at all is to log in as admin and edit in full HTML. Users can post the correct code so it is fairly easy to do, but isn't really a nice or convenient way to do this.

It doesn't accept BB code!

Shame as other aspects of it I really like.

there seem to be a ton of module addons for drupal - i saw some with bbcode support, and wysiwyg editors..
and some graphics addon modules too.. i suspect we just need to explore it more.

Carol Haynes:
OK, I stand corrected - don't knwo what all the whinging is about.

I tried tinyMCE editor module from the Drupal modules page. I couldn't get it to work at all, I either got scripting errors or path errors. I suspect the path errors are a server issue with my current webhost - but the scripting errors were a bit annoying. Gave up on it ...

I have now installed FCKEditor (same download page). This seems, at least on first impressions, to work great. It give an MSWord-like user interface for editing in WYSIWYG fashion. Quite pretty, and dead easy to install - upload two packages, and enable it in the admin module page ... it even has the potential for a server side upload file browser (instructions on how to set this up in the Readme file).

Happier now ...  :Thmbsup:


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