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[bug report] Plist Plugin

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just redownload from alpha release page and you'll get it:

wow you have 16 printer entries??  I have 8 and I thought I have a lot already :up:

@mouser:  Thanks, have it now!

@taichimaster:  So you can see that your plug-in is useful to me!  I have 3 physical printers hanging off this particular machine, each with multiple profiles, as well as the usual bunch of fax drivers and 'soft' printers.

Thanks for the fixes, gentlemen!

Please download the latest via DcUpdater.
-taichimaster (June 10, 2008, 03:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

Please give us a normal link as well.  The DCUpdater does not work through proxy.pac-type proxies (not unless it's been updated, anyway).

in the updater if you turn on advanced view you can see the url for all downloads.


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