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JOTT - a new cell phone service


From David Pogue's New York Times column.  I tried Jott and I think it's great.  When you are out without a pen and pencil you make a call and dictate a note etc.  Then it is sent as an e-mail to yourself.
Here are the links.  Pogue's Posts

What do you do when you get an idea you want to remember? A brainstorm, a to-do item, a reminder you want to set for yourself? Writing it down is the only solution — so most of the time, you don’t, because you’re driving, or you have no pen, or you’re away from your computer.

Meet Jott, your personal transcription service. You sign up at by providing your cell number and e-mail address.


I call my Sipgate number and leave a message - which gets emailed to me as a .wav

Or if I'm abroad I send a text to the same number (it's cheaper).

New?  Wow!  I just checked and I initially signed up for Jott in February 2007!  IIRC, it was an early beta at that time.  Still though, it has been pretty mainstream for at least 8 or 9 months.

Truly one of the best web applications I use.


By the way, beyond just sending voice reminders to yourself - which is pretty valuable itself - you can "Jott" events to your Google Calendar, or Jott tasks to your "Remember the Milk" or Toodledo To Do lists, among others, or 30 Calendars, Backpack, etc., etc.  You can also send SMS messages with Jott.  The recipient(s) can either read the test recognition or listen to a .wav file of your voice message itself.

A lot of really cool uses!


EDIT:  Almost forgot -- you can also send a Jott voice message to naming a product - any product they might sell - and Amazon will then send you search results with descriptions and prices to your cell phone.  It includes links so if you see a result you want you can click it and purchase it right then, as long as you have an account at Amazon!

I have Jott set up to work with Evernote so when I call Jott and send a message to myself it is emailed to my Evernote email address and have access to the note online and then it syncs with my computers.  I love Jott!


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