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Html View Mode in FARR (Find and Run Robot)

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I wanted to start this thread for discussing all issues relating to the new html view mode in FARR.  I suspect there will be a lot of issues to discuss as the feature starts to be used by plugin writers.

Here's a little picture to get us started:

O M G  :o :o :o this looks sexy!!!

Flash support would be awesome for things like media playback and perhaps some quick gaming 8) also the ability to be able to navigate the plugin by using the keyboard similar to other plugins. i.e tab/esc moves focus between search field and html window. Alt left/right for back and fwd as well as pgup/pgdn and F5/refresh wouldnt hurt either.

it's a full embedded IE activeX control, so anything that runs in your IE browser will run in this.
however let's not fall into a trap of trying to make FARR a full browser.. it's really meant to help plugins display info they want to display in a nice way.

Haha i agree although in all fairness you did put up an image displaying a regular website :D. What about the ability to traverse the plugin with the keyboard? Will you still be able to esc back to the  search box?

Will you still be able to esc back to the  search box?
--- End quote ---

escape has a real use in the browser window so we will either have to use another key or decide to take over the escape key to pop back up to edit box.


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