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After looking around, this is the one I am looking at for my wife.

Any thoughts?

I have had 2 olympus digital cameras and both were excellent. The first one was an entry level snapper which lasted almost 10 years and took some great images - the second one was a super-zoom which would have been a precursor of the model you link to - and again I loved it. It got stolen and I am regularly trying to snap a similar one on ebay, since I need a camera for my lazier half so he can take pictures too :)

This one does look very good. It seems very similar in features as the canon g series I mentioned (support for flash, raw etc) but you probably get a better price/value ration with Olympus. So its a great step up into serious photography without having to shell out for an SLR.

Macro mode: Wide: 3.9” – infinity (0.1m – infinity), Tele: 47.2” – infinity (1.2m – infinity)
Super Macro mode: 0.4" – infinity (1cm – infinity)
--- End quote ---


I am trying to find one of the previous 500 or 700 series on ebay as people who own these cameras often upgrade to a SLR - I'm cheap so i usually get outbid but i will keep trying

My only advice is to stay away from Kodak!

iph: What does the Macro do for me? I am looking into it online and wanting to learn more. Also, what exactly is SLR, I know the net definition, but in reality what is it?

I recently bought a SP-560UZ and am happy with it. I haven't had time to explore many of its possibilities yet, but so far so good in basically point and shoot mode.


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