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To the community,

My wife recently informed me that she wants to get a new digital camera for the sole purpose of taking pictures of small objects with a good amount of zoom. Well, I know a bit about normal digital cameras, but I am looking for one with a better lens and that has a good zoom. I also need a camera which doesnt produce pictures with large amounts of grain or distortion/noise. This is a problem I have found with many digital cameras when you get into the larger megapixel range.

Now, I know I am being gulliable in this request (right word?), but is it possible to find a camera like this for around the 200-300 dollar price range?

Any recommendations are appreciated.


I'm not going to be very much help except maybe what to watch out for/avoid

Often a problem with cheaper cameras is with the flash - it often takes up to 10 seconds to recharge - another aspect to consider/check
You'd also want something with Image stabilisation (IS)

I usually go here Imaging-resource/Dave's Picks if researching a camera.
Straight away I see

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H3
8.0 megapixels, 10.00x zoom
Check Prices!
Packed with features, the Sony H3 has a fast shutter, a long zoom, and turns out great 13x19-inch prints... (more)in the allround section

There's a long zoom section there too
And they do great reviews :up:

You can actually buy external lenses for many models of cameras.  Perhaps that will extend your existing camera for much cheaper?

If your wife wishes to take pictures of small objects you need to make sure the camera you purchase has a Macro capability.  Macro lenses are generally higher quality lenses than non-macro.  Also, with small objects you really need more than the on-board flash.  At least that has been my experience.

There are quite a lot of compact cameras which do very well with close up photography - for example my little pocket camera (the f47d, just seen on special at £99 in the UK) can (when in macro mode) focus much closer than my SLR with the lenses I have. eg: (click on image to see larger size)

Although a zoom will not help with small objects, since it will increase the distance at which you can focus - so you can zoom but you are further away to start with. Macro works usually at fairly low zoom levels and very short distances.

I heard great things about the canon G series as a camera which is a middle point between the easy point-and-shoot and a serious camera - pricewise too


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