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Need help with Vista Backup

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I have now experimented with mstTotalAccess Pro but so far it doesnt resolve the problem - I only used the trial program, to see if it worked.
I have contacted mst to get their advice on this.

I have now re-downloaded and installed mst TotalAcess and it seems to work perfectly.

Many thanks for all the help! - especially to Merleone for suggesting
mst TotalAccess.

 :Thmbsup: Glad it worked.  mstTotalAccess is really a nice tool !

I still find it impossible to delete "Documents and settings" and "users" directories from the Vista partition, while running XP.
mstTotalAccess Pro doesnt seem to resolve the problem.

The directory attributes that I can change do not make directories deletable.

Can anyone explain this?

These folders are probably seen as "system" folders, hence locked against deletion.  You have to reassign the users folder to another one.  That's just a possibility.

How to do that : in the properties of the users folder there should be a special tab or option to relocate it.


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