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MusicIP 1.9beta3 (new 1.9 version) released

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It has an interface for all of that?  I didn't know that!

Perhaps someone here knows, been looking at the help and forum but I'm still not sure.  I use a laptop and a desktop with the same music on each (I keep the music files themselves on an external drive for the laptop and synch it with the desktop every so often).  Would copying the cache file between computers keep it accurate? 


So has anyone tried it? I'm still dreading waiting for all my music to be indexed again. I don't mind doing it once, but the process was so lengthy and ultimately I ditched the software - so now I really don't want to try it again unless it's much much much quicker. Lazy but honest.  :-[
Grorgy IIRC there's a setting to write the hashcodes it generates into the idtags of the music so that it doesn't have to rehash the tunes when you move it.

Thanks justice, I found that in the end, though i was a bit concerned about modifying the files.   Anyway no harm seems to have been done, and it works well for the most part, I'm noticing some GUI problems, the icons are sometimes just shadows, but it still works  ;) .

It analyzed 3700 files for me in about 6 hrs on my AMD X2 3800  with 2gb ram , which I thought was a vast improvement over the last time i tried this when it died after about 2 days and still hadnt finished  ;D

I am also impressed with its tag fixing ability, so quick and quite accurate, but it does make mistakes so it pays to be careful.

I'm noticing some GUI problems, the icons are sometimes just shadows, but it still works  ;) .
-Grorgy (May 15, 2008, 05:07 AM)
--- End quote ---

This problem seems to be related to IE7 - it goes back to MusicMixer IP 1.7. I run Maxthon 2, which is a frontend for IE and find that if I run IE7 - as in open and close it - the icons paint just fine the next time I open MMIP. Strange, and a problem that the developer has been made aware of...

It didn't have to reindex my music when I upgraded.


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