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OK, thanks.  As long as we know how to use it  ;)

czechboy : I see that all times options are related to a specific date and clock time, so if one wants to reuse the "in" type of timers (count down), it's not very convenient. It would be cool if "in" was not bound to a specific clock time.

I've had trouble getting 'tm' to work.
With the later versions of FARR I can sometimes get an alert window as expected,
but not every time.
If I say 'Yes' to 'Do you want to have alert spoken?' nothing ever appears. Entries are logged, though.

Any advice on what I should check into, in order to get a spoken alert?

I just found a small bug in Timer's regex.. It should be "^tm(.*)$", so that it doesn't capture "tm" inside other words ;)

cranioscopical: well maybe you can try to reinstall your sapi, but not sure if it solves the problem. I have tried talking warning and I have got "unknown exception" several times and suddenly now it works fine again. I have no idea why this happends but I have included try catch statement so in case of any error you will not loose your alert message ;)

jgpaiva: I use no regex. Do you mean regex should not be empty but with "^tm(.*)$" inside?


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