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So I have added preset adding option. Do not forget to run settings! ;)

Thanks for the update. But I am little confused with the way it works,
"Preset alarm (Type in the text "undefined"): false" . How is this supposed to work? Sorry It is jut not that obvious to me  :)

First of all run settings in order to change undefined to something reasonable.
So you start to type "in 20 school is great :p:" and in the moment it recognizes :p: (or what you define in settings) it will change from false to true.

BTW: I would realy appreciate if someone of you (native English speaker) could do corrections of all statements in the plugin. You can even rewrite them from scratch, so that it would look "profesionally" :Thmbsup: Or if it is better for you I can separate all statements into special file (like english.lng) so that corrections would be easier. Is here anybody who would like to do that? 8)

type PERIOD (.) to add the timer.
-mouser (May 02, 2008, 10:31 AM)
--- End quote ---


Is that in the "online help?"  If not, please could you add it?  Thanks...

Soon all plugins are to be rewriten (due to HTML support and Enter support etc) so I will wait with modifing of my pages until I do that ;)


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