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FastExplorer: Create your own Context Menu Items (Freeware)

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Alex Yakovlev:
Feel free to point and laugh and place a comical hat upon my head if I have missed something written in really big letters, but would Fast Explorer allow me to ditch the current freeware utility I am using to get rid of unwanted context menu items?

You know, all the ones slapped on by this or that program, that the program itself doesn't provide an option to get rid of them, or if it does, you can't find it, so your context menu ends up with about 9 squillion entries, approximately 7 of which you use or need...
-cathodera (May 04, 2008, 07:03 AM)
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Well, you can delete or temporary disable unwanted context menu items added by other programs. Just look at the Static Items Cleanup and Shell Extensions Cleanup tabs.

What is really difficult for a context menu editing tool is to edit existing context menu items in a WYSIWYG manner. A context menu can be either completely replaced (as Mmm does, for example), or at least you could use these two cleanup tabs in Fast Explorer. The fact is that everything you see in a context menu has a very different nature. It could be menu items:
1) which are added and handled by the system (such as Copy, Delete, Properties);
2) which are added through the Registry by system or third party apps (Static Items Cleanup tab);
3) which are dynamically created by so-called "shell extensions" every time you pop up the menu (Shell Extensions Cleanup).

As you can see, the task of editing the existing context menu items splits into three fundamentally different subtasks. And it really hard to combine it all together.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for a great program. Have been using it for awhile. One of the nice features I enjoy is not having to go into the registry and add/remove keys for custom scripts.

FYI I wrote an Instructable on How to Run a Script from the Context Menu.


Thank you, Alex, for such a nice explanation of it all. You did such a good job, I even understood some of it.

I really did not know it was so complicated.

Right now, I am using File Menu Tools or something like that to get rid of all the items I don't want.

If I want to try Fast Explorer, and I do, would I need to uninstall that other one first? Would there be a conflict if I don't?

Oh, and I almost forgot, I also have a vintage version of 12 ghosts just to get "copy file name" and "copy path" and "save directory list" because I know that all those things are available separately, but I didn't want to have to install 3 different ones, and I just recently experienced my first equipment and operating system upgrade in about 150 years, so I am trying to learn the modern ways, but my goal is to minimize system resource use, including space, and see how few programs I can have running, and wherever possible, use freeware.

So Fast Explorer is beckoning me, its head cocked to one side, little half smile, it is voguing a little bit, giving me those looks and stuff, but I have had software conflicts before, so that is why I am being so cautious and asking questions.

Sure, I used to just download anything that had a link, but I am just too old for that now.

I also have a vintage version of 12 ghosts
-cathodera (May 05, 2008, 03:40 AM)
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Have you 12G Menu Settings (ShellX)?  It'll 'turn off' unwanted items.


Yes, I use 13 Ghost and that file menu thing, and between them they got rid of most of them. Some of them you have to do inside the program, like WinRar will put about 87 different ones, but at least they give you the option to turn them off, some programs don't!


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