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IDEA: Make any Window Dockable to the Side of the Screen

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Wow, I can't believe someone's taking a stab at this! Thank you so much! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work for me... since i have my taskbar on the left side of the screen, I can't drag it past that to make it "snap" (Pidgin and other IM buddy lists can do it fine), meanwhile when I moved my taskbar back to the bottom just to see, whenever I threw a window to the side, it would just disappear, and wouldn't reappear until I threw another window there, at which point the new window disappears, and the old one reappears.

Do other people get this problem, or is it just me?

But still, it's really great that someone's taking this on. This would be the most productive app I would use when it's finished!

 :) Updated the code above!


Nice script. Could you add support for a multi-monitor setup?

Maybe something like this?

Funny thing is that I started making this for myself yesterday... It has not really been tested so don't be too harsh. :) There are some glitches with some applications but main functionality is there.

--- ---=== "Dock Any" Readme file ===

WARNING: This is version 0.1, meaning it's far from finished. Use it if you
can, but if you have problems or special requirements, feel free to let me

* Usage

To dock applications / windows, choose "Add" option and then click at
window you wish to add.

Use "Undock" option to detach window back to its original position.

Use "Close" option to close tab AND application entirely. If you close
embedded application directly (i.e. from File | Exit), "Dock Any" will
not be aware of this (at least for now).

 :-[ I've of course not read the whole request...again. Sorry, greasypigstudios.

 :) Great app, vradmilovic!



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