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Xnview vs. IrfanView - integrity issue examined

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Unicode is not handled perfectly in IV too. Irfan's support is not built-in and external plugin is used instead. Starting IV by double-clicking on problematic file does not always work and only loading it via File -> Open (or via Space key when IV is already running) gives expected results.

As you wrote, XnV doesn't handle Unicode named files correctly so IV wins here. Hopefully: upcoming XnViewMP will solve this problem (works nicely in beta) once for all.

One thing about "stealing": I've been using both viewers for years and not even once I thought something was copied in any way. Although I am sure that Irfan should steal Configuration dialogue ;) It is not normal to have so many "misc" pages within (and tabs at all).

- oh, I didn't know. Most likely because I don't have IrfanView as my default viewer, so its always right-click > Open With....

For convenience I have Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2003 as default; it is by far the fastest to use when I need to crop or resize an image.

For convenience I have Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2003 as default; it is by far the fastest to use when I need to crop or resize an image.-Curt (May 29, 2009, 08:08 PM)
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For me Imagine plugin plays such role but that's because I am Total Commander junkie ;)


- well, you are a coder, aren't you?
"N.A.N.Y.W." New Applications for the New Year Windows....?

- well, you are a coder, aren't you? -Curt (May 30, 2009, 07:59 AM)
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Do you think that's the reason?

For me it's simple: I don't make hundreds of photos to be in need for some cataloguing features of viewers. Even if I made them, I am trying to keep my folders structure organized and in the most of cases I know where I put what I need.

I am using TC because it is easier for me and I don't really need more than it can provide. Of course, I have XnV as default application for Enter key but I use it that way very rarely. For me more important is XnConvert tool.

How TC can be better for me?

Well, there are couple of reasons:

* Dozen of plugins allows me to preview or to have thumbnails for hundreds file formats.
* In addition to the above I can use XnV through TC interface for unknown types.
* If there is no good (or any) XnV plugin for something, I can write my own WLX easily as long as there is some converter for it. I did it for SVG files and it works not so bad for me. I don't know XnV API but writing thumbnails support for TC is piece of cake.
It is just easier and quicker to use TC to find out the picture I was looking for.

Last thing is that I have never seen "general" image viewer with good icons preview. Really. Almost all of them shows you the best ICO they can get and you have no possibility to see how many icons are within. ICO files can contain many of these with various sizes and palettes. Viewers gives you only one but for TC - ICLView plugin is what I need.


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