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Carbonite Online Backup

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I've been using Carbonite for a couple months.  No major problems.  Two things I dislike though they are not deal breakers for me:

1. Can't see backup status in any other file manager other than windows explorer
2. No way to set options on files backed up.  Make sure to go through your backed up directories and make sure every file you want is backed up!  Movie files are one type that are not backed up by default. 

But, I am using carbonite mostly for my pictures, not all of my data. Also Carbonite has claimed that there will be an update to their program "soon."  Don't know when soon is however.  I gave them my suggestions, we'll see what happens.

You can find this elsewhere on the internet but here is a list of file extensions not backed up.

 The following folders are excluded from Carbonite backups:

    "\Recycle Bin\*",
    "\System Volume Information\*",
        "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\*", // skipped because most of this is system configuration stuff
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Cookies\*",
    "\Documents and Settings\*\Local Settings\History\*",
    "\Documents and Settings\*\Local Settings\Temp*",
    "\Documents and Settings\*\NetHood\*",
    "\Documents and Settings\*\PrintHood\*",
    "\Documents and Settings\*\History\*",
    "\Documents and Settings\*\NTUSER.DAT",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*\Cache\*",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache*",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache\*",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Yahoo! Desktop Search\*",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop\*",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Microsoft Help\*",
        "\Documents and Settings\*\Application Data\Carbonite\*",
        "\Program Files\Carbonite\Carbonite Backup\*",
    "\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Clipart\*",

The following file types are excluded from Carbonite backups:

    .113; .$$$; .$DB; .ABF; .ABK; .AFM; .ANI; .ANN; .BAC; .BAK; .BCK; .BCM;
.BDB; .BDF; .BKF; .BKP; .BMK; .BSC; .CAB; .CF1; .CHM; .CHQ; .CHW; .CNT;
.MSC; .MSI; .MSM; .MSP; .MST; .NCB; .NT; .OBJ; .OBS; .OCX; .OLD; .OST; .OTF;

    system/;dtSearch*;Intermediate *;VMWare*;Virtual PC*;Virtual Machine*

Additionally, music and video files are excluded during free trial subscriptions of Carbonite, and files larger than 4GB must be selected manually. (Right-click the file and select Back this up from the Carbonite context menu to select it for backup.)

Mozy is doing fine with mine.  I have over 60 GB going there and it is refreshed daily....

-J-Mac (April 25, 2008, 02:19 AM)
--- End quote ---

I need to update this post.  I had just renewed my Mozy subscription - two year renewal - right around the time of my first post (quoted here), but have since canceled my Mozy subscription and gotten a refund for the unused portion.

They sent down a forced upgrade of their client software and, unfortunately, mine never again managed to stay connected to their servers for more than a few minutes. I spent almost four full weeks corresponding with a truly clueless support tech there trying to get it working again, but it never happened. And to make things worse - and clinch the cancellation - he had me uninstall Mozy and download/install the previous version. I questioned whether or not the uninstall process would cause my 60+ GB of backed up files to be deleted and he insisted that it would not - that he would make sure they were properly backed up. Well you can guess the rest - not only were all my backup files lost, but since the Mozy client automatically downloads and installs the latest version, I never did get a chance to use the previous version after all - it upgrades itself before it will perform a new backup.  And of course that would immediately cause it not to connect!  It was a real experience try to work with the support guy!

I used a network monitor to see exactly what Mozy was doing wrong when trying to connect to their server, and it was pretty obvious to me.  Mozy's instructions tell you what port to filter ijn order to allow Mozy to connect through a home network.  But the port that they used to use was no longer being used - that same port number was what the Mozy client was trying to connect to on THEIR server, instead of my network. Bad code, I guess. Either way, I dropped Mozy.

I now use JungleDisk and Amazon S3 - much nicer, easier to use, easier to restore files - all or individual.   :)


Interesting topic! Being one of the first at DC to mention online backups (if my memory serves me right), I still didn't sign up for any service - yet! Again thinking about it now, being more and more fed up with juggling HDs...

Stumbled upon a security check done by well-known last year, and Carbonite and Mozy (both praised in this thread) were the ONLY 2 providers being tested who were offering protection against Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks. (See for more info)

I'm interested in an update: how are your experiences so far? What do you like, what annoys you?

Providers who failed the test at the time (all promised to fix it): Online Backup 24, Steady-Backup (NTT Europe), iDrive, and BullGuard.

Paul Keith:
I think online backups are just not viable at this point.

I thought Carbonite and Mozy were good enough too until I searched Google for Carbonite Sucks and Mozy Sucks.

I thought Mozy was all that - until they updated my client software automatically and I couldn’t connect anymore. Plus, in testing how to get it connected again they lost my 55 GB of backups. Refund!!

BTW, I'm now using Jungle Disk and Amazon S3 - very good IMO.



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