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Carbonite Online Backup

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I use Mozy and recommend it at work.
It works transparently, does block level transfers (only changed data), is priced well.
Most important to me, it is owned/backed by EMC. Who know more about storing data than EMC?

As for the Dreamhost idea, they have a service called Files Forever.
It would seem that is a more appropriate service than signing up for hosting then using it as storage.
Files Forever is 1 cent per 4 Mb one time fee.

I've not used it, but it looks interesting.

I'm waiting for the day where it is possible to backup large amounts online.

My backup drives are 500Gb NAS (about 300Gb used) and a 160GB pocket drive (full) - that includes mp3s, photos, email backup, documents, image of the c: partition for all PCs, app configs from all pcs, install files and code for all my registered software, images of my games DVDs, all my code from past and present websites - including 5 cmses going back to 2002 - and other coding attempts and a small collection of purchased or free stock photography, graphics and fonts.

Now apart maybe from the pc and game images most of that I would like to backup - but I dont think it is practical just yet :(. The cheapest solution might be a cheap dedicated server indeed.

PS: Incidentally I suspect I am quite typical, and with 1Tb costing $100 nowadays it will get worse. Which makes file management an industry where there will be a lot of opportunity for a clever product (to me the clever product is the one that makes it quick and easy to review/sift/sort then move/rename via patterns, as automagically as possible - things image and music managers are better at than file managers, but i would prefer on tool that can cope with all kinds)

The cost of b/w and the shortage of really high speed internet access (and backup accounts) mean that an online solution is unsuitable for really large collections, unless you will never need it all back in a hurry. And it would still take time to get there.

As you say, HDDs are cheap. You can slip them in and out of a caddy just like we used to do with floppies. For smaller quantities, the same can be done with USB sticks. These are the only realonably high speed, cheap solutions for really large amounts of data. And easily portable and convenient enough to be taken off-site for extra protection.

I think online soutions are best for a smaller amount of data you may want quickly (eg for system backup) or large amounts of stuff (eg photos) that will just stay on the online server in case you lose them locally but will never be needed at any sort of speed.

Mozy is doing fine with mine.  I have over 60 GB going there and it is refreshed daily.

I have also been looking hard for a good file/folder management application.  Had a couple threads here requesting advice, but there is apparently NOTHING out there that really does document management well.  Paperport is about it and that has a big drawback:  It's developed by Nuance!!  And that means it is big, slow, drags resources down, and has absolutely NO support.  Unless you pay by the minute or call - and all that does is give you an even bigger reason to complain about their support -- when you pay and STILL get no help!


I read a post that said that Carbonite will filter "not backup" your .exe and maybe .iso files, a dealbreaker for me.  I have Mozy and it is flawless.  I also used SugarSync which is great and I love my Windows Home Server.


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