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TodoTXT - discontinued

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I have uploaded completely different version. It is pure python (Rewriting to javascript would take to long). So you need activepython installed to make it work - download here:

Colors and Birdseye should work. Timeline is there also but I do not know if it works or not (someone should test it)

So test it and tell me if everything works fine ;) I was not able to test everything

Settings can be found in the top of file. Also you can change there colors.

BTW: now it could probably be possible to implement jabber bot, icq bot, todo cron etc ;)

Strange, but it doesn't work with Python from Does anyone have an idea why the ActiveState distribution has to be used? The seems to be integrated into Windows quite well. I can run python scripts directly on the command line. I'd prefer to use that version over the ActiveState one.

try to take a look here:

it does not work for me either. I have both 2.4 and 2.5

I am not coder, but I think you need activescript version of python


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