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Cody shotglasses? What does the community think

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I was talking with mouser and nudone about a collectable shotglass that mouser could give out for things like visiting or attending an IRL get together, special contests, etc. I was thinking about these

With a picture of cody holding either a wine glass or beer bottle, or even possibly a shot glass of his own with some sort of saying on it. I feel this would be a very nice collectible item.

What does the community think?

I like the idea

Frosted look nice too
At at that link you give they dont seem to show any images of ones actually printed there?
Also when you go to quote, there only seems to be option of 2 colours but when I think about it
it could look good simply black ink

messing around using their stock images/fonts
Cody shotglasses? What does the community think

sounds like we need it confirming whether they can do colour prints or not. if they don't do colour, do they require the image to be a simple black line art type image.

I'm not against this being an option, but I do believe there should still be alternatives for people who don't drink. I'm not a fan of collecting alcohol paraphernalia.

Cody shotglass photos are here.


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