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IDEA: Flyout when mouse over or on left click

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yep, but like i said, this can be done using <a href="">(D)HTML</a>, or <a href="">CSS</a>

doesn't require any real coding knowledge - if you know the tags it's just plain text

based on what the OP wrote above, I suspect it would be better to do it in frames and/or with popups (on mouse over)


NOTE - I am not endorsing or recommending either of the above resources, they are included as examples only...

I'm not the quickest thinker here, so please forgive me.
I'm looking for something that doesn't need a browser or anthing that would take time to launch.
I currently use OneNote for a lot of things, but going on through the day to day hustle and bustle, I like the idea of
hitting my show/hide desktop icon on my desktop and something that is a quick mouse click / mouse over
without having to launch something. Kinda like when you put information on an excel cell and you
put your mouse over the red triangle, it pops out the info. Something like that. That way, I can jump right back
into whatever I'm doing. Can the dHTML do this? If so, that may be the way to go.

I really appreciate the attention you guys have already given.

I am assuming you are using WinXP (if you are using Vista the process will be a little different and someone else will have to advise)...

Active Desktop takes a web page and displays it on your windows desktop. This allows you to have any element that could appear as a web page in place of a static wallpaper. To get the idea I suggest you try it out for yourself...

1) Right click on your desktop and choose 'Properties'
2) Go to the 'Desktop' tab
3) Click 'Customize Desktop'
4) Go to the 'Web' tab
5) Click 'New' and enter ""
6) Click 'OK' on all three dialogs

If all has gone well you should now have a small Google webpage embedded in your desktop, which can be resized and positioned to your liking.

Read more about Active Desktop in the Microsoft KB

So... if you had a webpage of the information that you require (names numbers etc) you can embed it into the desktop in the same way.

AND... here is a nice page with a CSS Accordion that you could modify to your needs.

Save the source file for the page, and then edit the file with your favourite text editor :)

good job Ampa... :Thmbsup:



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