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HowTo EASILY create image backup?

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I had it down to look at, but didn't like the options, so I removed it without testing. I have also looked at a great number of other backup programs, but so far I have found none that I like. I will  however  keep on looking!

R-Drive Image was updated again today, so I am giving it a try
- I like it when programs are maintained...


R-Drive seems very competent, but they have made one serious bummer: The program does not offer to auto-shut-down the computer after the backup has been performed!!!  :o  I really find this hard to believe! I simply have to write them, and tell!

Hey !  I found again the link for a free True Image 8  : seems still valid.

And guess where I found it : here on DonationCoder !!!

I knew it !!!

And you can get a free OEM version of True Image 10 that works only if your machine has a Seagate or Maxtor drive:


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