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HowTo EASILY create image backup?

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I'm no expert Curt,
but that seems to bring you back to DriveXML which doesnt do incremental images but does has an accessible format as opposed to the others
there's always cheap older versions of Acronis around (9 seems to be recommended a lot - in fact more than the more recent versions).
Does 9 do incremental backup images? I think it does, anyone?
I had 8 (or was it 7 :-\) but it didnt recognise usb2 so no good
what I did was -
get one of the free versions of Acronis (search - there's usually a couple around) and then you can upgrade for 29$ + tax
to be honest though, I'm sorry I didnt splash out the extra bit though for something else e.g. DriveSnapshot
The acronis11 install takes up a lot of space (hundreds of MBs) and I hear a lot of complaints about it (and the interface bugs me but thats very minor in the context...)

Copies of the Paragon Drive Imaging progs are often available free with magazine DCs/DVDs.

There you go Curt... RSJ HD Image - a simple and free (for non comercial use) backup solution.

RSJ HD Image User Guide

Thanks for the advice, Merle1, but €40 is an even more awful lot of money to me! 30 days trial simply won't do it - my budget says the asking price should give some 365 days trial...
-Curt (April 14, 2008, 01:21 AM)
--- End quote ---
I can understand that.  I see 4 possibilities there :
1/ Adopt DriveImage XML, as detailed above.  But you should know a system restore with this software is to be prepared first : you basically have to build a special bootable CD with DriveImage XML plugin on it.  Look for "BartCD" in Google (sorry, no time to go into details).

2/ Watch, sometimes they release a free software that does that.  Last was Kerimage

3/ Look for a free version of Acronis True Image 8, you should be able to find a old link still active corresponding to a special offer.  Maybe this link can even be found somewhere in DonationCoder forum.  Not sure where I got it from.

4/See also how to get a free copy of Paragon Drive Copy 8 Personal Edition SE, a competitor of Acronis, from

Here's the link: Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD.


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