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I'm always confused when seeing "Found xx results" (e.g. xx > 100) but only the first 9 being accessible. Being able to scroll down by the arrow keys would be quite nice. Perhaps I just missed a feature... I didn't find a way to reach the other results.
Of course not all results should be loaded into the list! (I guess having 50k entries (even not visible) would slowdown the app)
Only preloading the next n or 2n entries (with n = number of visible entries) would be enough. Preloading means: Actually formatting the Location, Date etc. (whatever there may be) columns get the entry's icon.
Having the number of results makes it possible to set an appropriate scollbar height.

Additionally using the mouse wheel, when the input line is focused, does nothing. In my opinion wheel events should be redirected to the result list.
So typing c:\windows then turn the wheel on your mouse would scroll the result list.

There's no way to visually do this, but if you add '+sall' (for Show ALL), farr will display all the found results.

Erm, what do you mean by "no way to visually do this"?
That concept is already implemented. When browsing through the file system it works perfectly.
Your answer sounds as if this were not possible as a matter of principle.

Sorry, i didn't express myself correctly. I meant that currently there's no button / context menu item /etc option for that, the only way to do it is to add +sall to you query.

I believe someone also suggested that when you press down and you're on the last item of the list, farr should scroll down into the rest of the list, thus, you sure aren't alone with that idea!

herojoker: here is a script with an idea i "borrowed" from Nod5. ;) this script adds +sall keyword to Farr's edit-box upon middle-clicking the mouse. maybe this could help you.


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