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DONE: Program Closer

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Program Function:
How about an app that shows a list (with checkboxes) of all the different programs you currently have running.  You would check the ones you wanted to close, then when you hit the "Close" button, it would close them all for you.

Situation that Necessitated the Request:
To make my shutdown go smoother, I like to close Konfabulator, Trillian, and other stuff.  Right-clicking on the systray and waiting for it to update so I can choose the next program sucks valuable seconds from my life.  ;)  If it would be handy for me, maybe it would be handy for some others.

Other Options:

* Maybe two checkboxes: one for nice shutdown, and the other for mean brute shutdown.
* And then I suppose an option to shut down the computer after all that would be nice.
* A nice keyboard shortcut would be if each program in the list had a number that one could type to toggle a switch. (brainstorming here)
* If you wanted to get really spiffy, you could add a timer to close certain programs in a certain time in the future.
What do you think?

Carol Haynes:
That would be a really neat idea.

Actually something related I would like is a program starter which could start a group of programs in sequence. I would find this particularly helpful at startup as I have all sorts of stuff that starts up with Windows because I can't face starting it all up manually, but it does slow down system start and there is a distinct bottleneck of applications fighting to start at the same time.

What would be nice is the ability to set up program groups, but in sequences and allowing delays before attempting to start a particular app, or even with a default 'sequence delay' say 1 or 2 seconds before attampting to load the next in sequence.

The nice thing about program groups is that you could have effectively multiple startup configuartions which you can choose from a common interface.

I second all this - would love to solve system startup bottleneck.  There is a Konfabulator Widget - I think it's called Widget Watcher - that is meant to close down widgets (although I have never managed to get it to kill anything, but I can get each widget's pid and close it via Process Explorer).  I expect that some of my security programs would make this more difficult - they don't like one process trying to interfere with another...

i could add this to process tamer maybe, let users make menus that start up, shutdown, or set specific priorities for named apps.

 :) I see the thread has changed focus, but here's a solution to the original request.

CloseMany - Close multiple programs or services at once.

- Close or Kill processes.
- Close services.

- 2005.10.31 - v1.1: Added tooltip when clicking, moved buttons.
- 2005.12.02 - v1.2: Now possible to close services, changed process detection.

Uses PrcView v command line utility by Igor Nys
Uses Clip.exe from Microsoft's Resource Kit

You'll find the downloads and more info at Skrommel Software.



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