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Does this program exist - Video Splitter/video Screen capture program


Im constantly using 3 to 4 programs to do a couple things and was looking to see if there was a program that would do it all.

Im looking to create a video splitter/ video screen capture software
that runs on windows xp and vista machines
this program im looking for has the functionality of the following products all rolled into one

AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Splitter v4.28 (found at
Cut Assist -
TS Spliter -
But with more robust features. i have tested and demoed over 30 products online and havent found a program that would do all of these things 

* program will need to be able to import and handle mpg2 files taken from a 1080i source (i can provide video files for testing purposes) , wmv, and mpg souce files.
* ability to be able to do a video screen capture and export it as a deinterlaced lossless jpg and be able to specify the file naming scheme similar to how adobe photoshop does when you goto auto batch rename (there are selectable feilds with prefix, title, and suffix, and digit placement)
I should also be able to specify the image size on the output of the video screen capture so if its natively 1920x1080 i want to be able to specify 160x90 or whatever i type in
* the program should be able to split the clips similar to the program listed above and allow us to be able to custom auto name the clips as well similar to how i want it with the custom auto name for the video screen grabs.
* the program when it splits the program should split and recompile the same exact clip with basically no render time and as lossless as possible
* be sure to program in the functions of the ability to be able to do manual splitting and auto splitting similar to the program listed above
* i also want the ability to be able to scrub in the time line frame by frame accuracy  and fast forward and have controls from that and keyboard shortcuts
* I want built in the ability to build batch cut lists. by entering in the time code in and the time code out end points . in this batch list want to be able to have the ability to create custom feilds to add notes for description, shot, scene etc...
* want the ability to create to export batch lists in excel format and to be able to import the batch list - these batch lists should be formated in time code which is hours, minutes, seconds, and frames . ex 00:51:11:28

any ideas or suggestions or any coders looking to create something like this?

Wow, this is a heavy duty list!

QuickTime Pro can do a fair amount of this, and it's not too expensive. You might check it out.

There are a few "stumbling blocks" in your list that I can see:

* WMV support - this is a Microsoft proprietary format, so you won't find many open source tools that will touch it. Including this essentially limits you to commercial tools.
* Split and recompile losslessly with no rendering time -  :D Oh wouldn't it be nice if we didn't really have to wait for computers to... compute.
* Scrub in timeline with frame accuracy - This is kind of the opposite of the above request, although it might not be apparent at first.
Don't know how much you know about this stuff. Not every single frame is encoded in an MPEG video (and many other compressed formats.) There are keyframes every so often, but most of the video is encoded as changes to these keyframes.

So say you have a keyframe every 10 frames, and you cut on an in-betwen frame, like 15. The frame you are cutting doesn't actually have all the video data contained within itself. The program can reconstruct the data for you "behind the scenes" by analyzing frames 10-14 and computing the result, but it can't just "cut the film" at frame 15.

Also, after the cut is made, everthing from Frame 16 to the end now has a different set of keyframes. What was frame 16 is now frame 1. Instead of 16, 26, 36 your keyframes are now 10, 20, 30. So the program has to re-encode everything. Splitting video without re-encoding, especially MPEG video, will produce a broken video stream.

Finally, screen capture programs generally use a special codec that is optimized for screen video, for a couple of reasons. Since most areas of the screen are static, encoding them over and over again is wasteful. So screen captures using a screen codec contain even less data per frame than usual. Also, general purpose video codecs are optimized for camera-shot video, and are "confused" by the sharp edges and rapid, detailed motion of  screen captures. These differences mean you can't just flip from one type of codec to another. Screen codecs produce small files, sharp images and full motion. Re-encoding into a "regular" codec creates gigantic file sizes, pixelation, and motion artifacts in the video stream. You can't just switch codecs in the middle of a video stream either, so there's really no way around this.

So some of the things you are asking for aren't really possible. That's why you haven't found an app that can do them.  :-\

Carol Haynes:
I don't know of anything that can do all that but TMPGEnc MPEG Editor can split files (by rmoving frames before and after repeatedaly on the same file) with virtually no rendering (there is still the disc time taken to write the split files to disc). It can also do this in batch mode so you can prepare a load of files and then process the lot overnight.

It will autoname output files sequentially.

It's not free though - but the quality is excellent. There is a free trial version.

As for video capture Camtasia Studio support Microsoft formats but it is an expensive product just to acheive that - you might be better using another format and using the TMPGEnc product to convert to MPEG format.

I'm not sure if you are looking for strictly free apps or if commercial is OK, but I think that Applian's applications can probably do most if not all that you want.

My only issue is with the way the spread the features out over so many separate programs. I even purchased their A/V Capture Suite and cannot use the various programs they have added to the suite since I first purchased it. I have to buy each added "piece" individually.  >:(

I must say though that everything I do have from Applian works well and has gained me many, many videos and music tracks that I would otherwise not have been able to get easily or at all.


Hey guys thanks for the suggestions. so much for wishfull thinking.

Im a videographer who shoots in HDV and preps the content for the web so ive got to do screen grabs and cut down the encoded video wmv files

Thats probley why i end up using like 3-5 programs to get the job done.

But for those who need to accomplish the same thing im doing you can check out

AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Splitter v4.28 - as this will cut up your mpg or wmv files
Cut Assist - does the same thing above but allows you to do a great screen video capture of your video right there. to bad AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Splitter it would be one less program to use.
TS Spliter - will split your HDV files wonderfully nice and fast
Adobe premiere pro - i use that program to edit and pull nice big screen grabs of my HDV footage.

One great video screen grab utility that i loved so much was AVI Edit
but then i started shooting in HDV video and his program didnt handle the mp2 file

But if any of you guys ever come across a application that i listed the specs on above let me know!!! or if some one is bold and brave enough to program a utility as such i wouldnt mind spending some good money on getting it develped!!!


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