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MiniReview of Linkman URL Organizer and Search Tool

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Cannot reproduce so far.

What I've tried:

Opened search window from IE
Entered query text
Closed window
Reopened Window
Pressed Esc
query text was cleared
-Outertech Support (January 16, 2009, 04:27 AM)
--- End quote ---
It's doing it on both my work and home computer.  The only difference I can see is that I'm using Firefox instead of IE.

In Firefox 3.0.5 when I open the Query dialog from the right-click menu, after a query - (hey, can I say "Search" instead? I don’t like "Query") - pressing Esc clears the search box; pressing Esc again dismisses the dialog.

Expected behavior for me. Perhaps a setting or extension affecting it, SB?


Edit:  Oops! Forgot to state that after dismissing the search dialog, if I open it again via the right-click menu the search field is empty.

Speaking of behavior i keep getting a pop-up from my software firewall, 'Online Armor',
that 'Linkman' program is showing as a keylogger??  Perhaps someone can clear this up
for me especially Jim, the Outertech Support person.  I appreciate the help.

Hey - Wait a minute!  I'm Jim but I'm not Outertech Support!

Also, I haven't seen any warnings like that, though I'm not running Online Armor either.

Hopefully the real Outertech Support guy will reply.   ;)


Outertech Support:
This report is wrong. I guess Online Armor checks which API functions Linkman uses and because of Global Hotkey Handler Linkman implements (to allow user defined hotkeys to work outside of Linkman) this nonsense is displayed. I'll check it out next week.

Because of the gross number of functions Linkman implements we get such false positives quite a lot. Just last week a problem with PC-Tools, because Linkman supports (optional) network dialup.

It's like a war against bad (too sensitive) scanning engines.


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