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[request] Taskbar Displayed Only On <Win> Keypress

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well he can limit amount of  time that key is pressed or not. If I am pressing 2 keys in less than .5 sec then that means  I am not trying to unhide the taskbar?
-kartal (March 18, 2008, 02:40 PM)
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Which is fine from a programming point of view, but from a usability point of view I would introduce a latency of equal duration for the taskbar to appear if that is what you did want.

Currently there is no delay if I just want the taskbar, and if I want <Win> + something, the taskbar pops up and then goes back down. I would rather have the temporary popup than the delay.

The great thing about skrommel's program is that we have the source script and can modify to our personal choice.  :Thmbsup:

this thread just got picked up by :Thmbsup:


don't say you run Adblock Plus on my blog Lanux128, shame on you   ;)

I don't use adblocking but your blog would tempt me to do.

Vibrant media ads are a pain and freeze the mouse while vibrant thinks about it (and the words it chooses are so general as to be useless - an "Act database migration tool" popping up on the word "software" is unlikely to get a click)

I am also unlikely to ever click on the stuff adsense chose to show - how the heck did it come up with

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to go with that article?

If you are going to put ads like google or vibrant to monetise your blog, a bit more optimisation of their setting could allow you to make a lot more with less ads ;)

Someone just reported the following:
the file is resulted Trojan by "antivir personnal" antivirus

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About the file mouser posted above.

Obviously, that's antivir being idiot, since mouser only compiled the script skrommel posted.
Unfortunatelly, it's becoming quite frequent for antivirus programs to flag ahk scripts as viruses :(


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