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IDEA- USB Access control on device by drive map/assignment


  I've seen some really complicated USB/File encryption programs, but the reality is- all I want is a small program that is loaded on your USB stick and auto runs automatically asking for your password when the stick is inserted into a USB port.  Unless you provide the password, the drive remains unrecognized and is unusable to view, write or read from etc.  So the key is to keep Windows from recognizing and assigning a drive letter until a password is entered.
  Hopefully this will also prevent programs such as explorer from reading the contents on the drive.  Heck, I don't know how many USB devices that I have that the opposite is already true.  My computer doesn't recognize my drive and I can't get anything off of it no matter how hard I try, or mess with the USB device drivers!


Not really doable, unless you do encryption or similar :)

If you have problems with a *regular* USB device, it's probably because you unplugged without "safely remove hardware", and have ended up with a somewhat damaged filesystem.

I have seen a locking program like that, the program installer came from the USB Drive's package. but it can be bypass.. so its no use. somehow, you need a program that autoruns to halt or temporary disable the window's functions to access that usb drive and enables when prompted with password.. the encryption part, i dont think its good. and the program will act like a virus coz it changes some explorer security. maybe fodder is right. but is possible

Changing explorer settings is outright stupid (people tend to hate applications doing that), and it buys you next to no security. You can't block access to a regular USB stick with a user-mode application, doing it with a driver is possible (but that requires the driver to be installed...). The only effective thing you can do is either A) custom hardware (including drivers) or B) truecrypt.

Sheer Novelty:
-f0dder (March 17, 2008, 11:28 AM)
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Use "traveler mode"
autorun it
have it remember mount history
ONLY store data inside the TC volume

use volumes instead of partitions



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