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My daughter needs to interview a computer programmer for a school report...

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Hello wreckedcarzz,

Yes, mouser is very nice and he is a great programmer... I also thought of asking him.
But as you mentioned he is busy, and though it might not hurt to ask him, I also don't want him to feel as though he would 'have to' help us out, (if you know what I mean.. ) kinda why I posted here, instead of just intruding.

Plus with us writing to the colleges, and waiting for replies, she has pretty much hit her deadline as it is due tomorrow  :(

Hi Veign,

Hmmm, that may work but the teacher is gonna want a specific persons name, job title, # of years experience etc
... maybe we could just put "the entire donationcoder team"  ;)  and the 'collective' amount of years.. that'll have her thinking, hay? lol (hope she has a sense of humor)

If that is the route we take, just posting the questions, should I post them here or would there be another specific forum I should post them in?

Plus my daughter just informed me that not only does the teacher Not have a sense of humor but she is also, the 'detention' boss ....  not good!

post them here and you'll get responses from several programmers, which could be a nice insight into how different coders think :)

Thank you, mouser!  :)

She started a new thread and posted them just a few minutes before you wrote.

I just want to say Thank you, to all of you for all your help.

You guys Rock!! 


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