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Revisiting (XfilesDialog, File-Ex, Direct Folders)

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Perry Mowbray:
Have you tried CFDButton (which was a GOE 2007 entry)?

It's what I'm using at the moment: simple and great. Doesn't do Office, so I'm wondering if it'll have issues with AutoCAD as well??

Thanks for the props Perry...  :D

I looked at adding office support to CFDButton, because the Visual Studio team implemented it's file dialogs with the same code as the office team used and I wanted VS2005 support, because that is where I spent most of my time, and I found it nearly impossible to implement.. I'd love to peek under the hood of FlashFolder and see how they manage it.
It seems like a pretty nice solution. I really like the location bar, that is a very useful thing to have. I don't like how you can't add more wildcard filters and it seems a bit too integrated for my taste. I work mostly off a portable drive and this is a bit to tightly tied to the OS..

Perry Mowbray:
Thanks for the props Perry...  :D-ChalkTrauma (March 13, 2008, 10:26 PM)
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 ;) Couldn't help it: I love it!!  :Thmbsup:

I work mostly off a portable drive-ChalkTrauma (March 13, 2008, 10:26 PM)
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Which is why I use CFDButton (otherwise I'd never have it at work  :mad:)

I will check it out right now, thanks!!
I am currently using FileBox Extender (free!) for the first time.  It's pretty good.  I don't like the interface as much as the other ones I've tried, but it works better than them.  Even Autocad works, no problem.  So, FlashFOlder is next!
-superboyac (March 13, 2008, 03:20 PM)
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Check that, Autocad DOES NOT work with FileBox Extender.  I though it did because its icons appear on the dialogs, but functionally, it doesn't work.

I guess none of these programs work with non-standard dialogs, except for Office because it's such a common suite and the software is specially programmed for that.  But for other programs like Autocad that use their own special dialogs, it's not going to work.

That being said, then which is the best?  Of the freeware, I like FlashFolders the best.  CFDButton is nice, but it's lacking several features.  For the paid ones, I think Direct Folders is the best (actually, it has a similar interface to FLashFolders).

If you're interested in spending $40, you could try Stardock's Enhanced File Dialog.
-Darwin (March 13, 2008, 04:08 PM)
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I'd love something like that - but would pay maybe $20 only ( :P )
- quoting you from another thread -

Ummm..., er...., ah... Enhanced File Dialog "Enhance(s) your common file dialogs with additional features
What I like best about it is that it resizes my dialogs and makes the places bar much more useful - something that none of the other dialog extenders that I have tried do. It gives you the same flexibility that the Office 2003 (and XP?) places bar provides and enables it in all dialog boxes
Here's a screenshot of my Notepad "save as" dialog:
-Darwin (December 03, 2006, 02:05 PM)
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there's something about having the list on the left in view there, I'd definitely pay $20 - $40 is too much still ...


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