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Looking for freeware/opensource code profiler (C++)


Does anybody know of any good code profilers for Windows C++ code that are freeware/FOSS? The developer is using MS VS 2003.

Iirc AMDs CodeAnalyst is free, and does an OK job if you want to measure execution time, and iirc it also works on Intel CPUs.

tinjaw I know you said free... so this may be not what you are looking for, but I went down the "try to find a good free profiler" route a while back and couldn't find anything that did what I wanted. I ended up using LTProf, which got the job done quite nicely, but it does cost $50... Might be worth a look to you, but if free is an absolute necessity CodeAnalyst might be your best bet like f0dder said..

Thanks guys. I forwarded your replies to the interested party.


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