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winlock & virus

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By the way -- please don't take my word for it, download the ahk file and compile it yourself using the autohotkey compiler.

I've just confirmed that the problem is these antivirus tools are alerting because their signatures are triggering on Autohotkey itself.  If you compile the script with Autohotkey v104705 then you get all the alerts.  if you compile with the version released last week v104706 you won't.  So that is 100% conclusive that the problem is the antivirus programs are once again being braindead harmful products.

ps. you can now compile the script with the latest version of autohotkey yourself to avoid the false positive.  and i can recompile all of skrommels ahks with the newest version of autohotkey to solve this problem for now. but guess what? next week when some idiot writes another harmful script using autohotkey, our little dumb antivirus friends will go off and once again decide to mark every program written using the tool as some random virus.  and the circle of pain begins again..

Yep wonder how they add in all those inclusions / exclusions, add in a general one for authotkey then exclude all the false positives reported by checksum? Wonder how it works, it would mean that if I change a line in my AHK file and recompile it then it would show false positives again..

Yesterday i tried the site mouser posted, (, and apparently all my scripts get flagged in a few antiviruses...
From what i understand, all you need in order to get flagged is to register hotkeys... It's crazy!

given how this seems to happen with autohotkey regularly, i think if you are a ahk coder who distributes compiled exes, you have to accept that you are going to have to recompile your scripts each time a new version of autohotkey comes out, in order to overcome the previous release's signature being added to antivirus signatures.  you'd think these anti-virus companies would learn by now.

speaking of which.. you know someone needs to make a page calling out the anti-virus programs based on which ones have the most false-positives.  it's long overdue and i dont think the traditional antivirus review sites every test for this.


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