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Bug: "black screen" capture after long work of autocapture



I launched auto-capture with 10 sec rate and unlimited number of captures (just set "0" in field). After approximately 24 hours of work SC begins to make a completely black pictures instead of screenshots. I use SC for monitoring of my server and so reliable work is important for me. May you fix this bug in further version?

What about my bug? Mouser! Don't be silent.

I have this bug as well, but it occurs only on certain programs (and games, for that matter). The problem is I use it to catch a lot (5-20+) images in a game, and then I go and open the main window and I have nothing but big black, 2MB images. :o

Can this problem be fixed? :tellme:

these seem like different problems.. directx capturing for games is highly specialized so wreckedcarzz your problems might have to do with that.  as for the problem mentioned by ioSIS.. that's more tricky to diagnose.  I'm going to release a new build of Screenshot Captor this month with some updated components, let's see if that solves the problem.


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