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The site is now back online (March 6th, 2008) - Come Say Hello!

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BIG THANKs to ALL, mouser Gothic wordzilla for all the hard work

I guess you guys are still busy (or sleeping)
but if you get a chance
...please take this time to walk outside and remember what your family looks like. ;):)
-tomos (March 07, 2008, 02:19 AM)
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+1.  but I thought DC was pretty close to being family...   :-[-rjbull (March 07, 2008, 03:16 AM)
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I confess ...
I was just having a little dig at the message on the "Server is down" page -
I do get to go out and get fresh air [most]everyday...but I guess dc time often tends to come out of my work time  :-[
having had a break can help me break that habit...
but hey it is nice to be back :)

Having been a member for only a couple of months, I was surprised at how much I missed the site while it was down.  I am disabled and don't get to take walks anymore [Besides, early March in central Illinois isn't all that conducive to long walks.] but even if I could, I would have missed this site.  I appreciate all the hard work involved and offer my thanks for the quick recovery.  Its too bad that you were too busy fixing problems to put a stat-counter on the replacement page to see how many of us checked in hourly to see if things were back up. 

thanks for all the hard work during this week. Really missed the site!!!

Woohoo!! welcome back to life!

Man i was mising DC like something....?


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