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The site is now back online (March 6th, 2008) - Come Say Hello!

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It happened to me once about a year and a half ago (also on a site running smf, and the vulnerabilty back then for me was in smf :( ) - I know your pain!

Now just sit back and relax and sleep it out - then tell me if I have to worry about my smf site again!

Sometimes things need to first go bad, in order to finally be better. This experience will improve DC even more!  :up:


Of course I was doubting if I could survive DC being down, but at least now I know I can.

Please count a +1 from me to what Nosh said...thanks to all that helpers that get DC back, up and running.  :Thmbsup:  :-*

I experienced mousers despair, and Gothics sleepless nights and all the help, good hints and suggestions from all the others live at IRC-Channel in the time DC was down. And i was desperate too, because i wasn't be of any help.  :-[  >:(

DC is back...and so is my internet-life!  ;D
[JoTo is singing "Ode to Joy" now!]


the internet now feels complete again.

thank you to everyone involved in getting things up and running. it sounded like a nightmare.

Great to see you back!


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