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the award for most clueless pc user ever - my candidate.

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We're all clueless sometimes. Whenever I'm tempted to be smug, I think about when I have to take my car in to be fixed. The mechanic could be making up the names of car parts and I'd never know. (I suspect I've had a few mechanics who did this.)

And I've been driving a car for decades! :-[ Some of them have probably wondered, as I stood there staring at the engine trying not to look like a total dink, "Geeze, how clueless do you have to be to not know that Ford hasn't made these with a carbeurator since 1985?"

This board is a select group. We like computers. We're interseted in them and curious about how they work. Using them is fun for us, even if it is sometimes frustrating. Not everyone feels this way.

And being in the user experience field, I feel like I need to point out that every "clueless user" story is really a "clueless programmer" story seen from the other side. Some developer(s) was/were too lazy or inexperienced or socially isolated to figure out how to make an interaction work for the person who had to actually use the program they were writing. Hilarity ensues.

that's a common analogy, Jindoria, but i think the clueless pc user is more like the clueless driver - i think (or hope) that they are rare.

in other words, the clueless pc user (in my original example) is like someone that has been driving their car for several years and yet they still ask where the ignition switch is when they get into a new car. then they ask how to operate the steering wheel or the gear stick.

i have to admit i wouldn't have the faintest idea how the engine works in my car, but i do know how to drive it (and i'd know how to drive another car that didn't look like it). so i agree with the analogy on the hardware side of things.

ask how to operate the steering wheel
-nudone (March 18, 2008, 04:49 PM)
--- End quote ---

One learns something every day!  Steering wheel, you say!  I thought that thing was the valve wheel to open the fuel filler.
Fortunately, because I've never managed to get that open, I've never had fuel so the issue of steering hasn't yet arisen.


Some PC users wear blinkers and ear plugs.... ;)

Easier to get someone else to do it!

My Aunt's philosophy is "Uncle Bob does all that - why have a dog and bark yourself".

the award for most clueless pc user ever - my candidate.

good point, CleverCat.


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