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Hi I am a software addict, I need extra gb's, can anyone help my problem?

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Hi my name is mitzevo and I am a software addict, some times I think I spend more time playing around with software than actually using it for its purpose, for instance, I try test at least 3 apps from one category (ftp programs, text editors, etc.), it really is time consuming, but I'm just trying to find the best for myself and now I have no GBs!.. Can any one help me? I need extra GB's to store more softwares.. cmon guys, just email me how many GB's you want to help me out with and I will be happy to accept any thing! But I also store alot of (questionable?) things as well.. so yeah.. help me out with extra GB's!



Check your recycle bin. I may have hidden some space in there for you. If not, I might have hidden it in Add/Remove programs.  ;)

Add/Remove programs is to appaholics what Antabus is to alcoholics... or perhaps not quite, but it sounded good :)

Add/Remove Programs does take time to come up. A better alternative is ZSoft Uninstaller.

I think you need spacemonger, mitzevo!
It helped me find a disk image of a virtual install of windows that i wasn't using anymore and had forgotten about :)


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