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OK - lets get to know each other... who are you, what do you do, where from?

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I'm a 30 year old man from Norway. (No, there is NOT white icebears jogging around in the streets, and Norway is NOT a part of sweden.)
I live together with my girlfriend, who is a nurce, its nice to have that in mind getting older:)

So, what do I do...
I work in a company called "Logistix". We own a chain of stores in norway that sell boat-stuff to all kind of people and other stores.

What I do there...
Ok, most of the times I am a buyer of goods (I buy all the goods that the stores needs) I don't know what this is called in english, but I guess there is a fine name for it :)
The rest of my time at work is divided on many parts: I make a 178pages catalouge for the stores, it is printet in 100.000 copies, and is sent out to all of our customers. I'm not alone doing this of course, but I am the guy who put it all together in Quark Express (make the design, making the pages work and look nice at the same time).
I also run the computers at work. I am not reallt an IT-guy, I am more a IT-manager,making things work and when soemthings go to he##.. I'm the guy they call.
I also make all the ads the company needs in its marketing, and I also make the web-pages we have work. is one of them, its only useful if you know norwegian, and well.. need boat-stuff ;)

What do I do in my spare time?
Making the most of it.. As Mouser know, I am a busy guy.. trying to be with my gf as much as possible, we have a house that alwasy needs something (yes, i hate paint, its offisial).
I love computers (thank god, my gf loves them too), and use much time using it. I make little games in VB sometimes, is where you can find the resent ones. I am also learning php, trying to make a norwegian questuion-game that my gf will be running.
I dont play games much, but CivIII and Superpower2 is getting the minutes I have.
I love new software, tinker tinker... Dopus, Samurize, Firefox, Thunderbird and now Mousers software is what I love when I am in tinker-mode.

Being an old amiga-user I always look for good programmers that love to well.. tinker... I think I have found a new home here.. :)

I am a 52 yo guy who lives with his wife and 16 yo daughter in a provincial town in Australia called Kingaroy.  Kingaroy is approx. 220km north west of Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland.  We have about 12,000 people.

I work as a mechanical engineer in a power station, looking after monitoring the non financial parts of the business eg plant reliability, energy efficiiency and greenhouse gas issues.

I am a Christian and like to read, watch sport, computing especially mucking around with software as a user (I can't/don't program).

I moderate on a forum at which is about email and is a good place to visit if you are looking for a provider or have email problems.  I have mentioned over there but no advertising is allowed so I have to be careful not to breach the forum's guidelines, especially since I am a moderator.

Ozzy1's home, Norway, is also the home of an excellent email privider at which has a forum over at emailaddresses.




Ah, emm.  Just wanted to freak you out ever so slightly!  :)

Hey, I didn't post that here!  Mouser, you forgot to change the subject line.  :)

i just thought it would be good to merge the two similar topics and give you a chance to freak out more people in the process.


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