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What annoys you to no end?

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I was not offended by the clip, but I'm glad it was removed as it might be a catalyst for unwanted situations/conversations if one were to have that up on their screen and a small child wandered by and was wondering what the grown-up was reading.

Anyway, carry on...

i just don't get an "LOL" feeling about watching a bird get dragged under water to die.
-mouser (June 20, 2009, 11:57 AM)
--- End quote ---
It's a matter of perspective. I felt sorry for that poor turtle, kidnapped by a bird and forced to act as its personal submarine. Time to call the ASPCT!   ;)

Now that mouser has successfully derailed and hijacked this thread....How about a new entry:

People who fail to merge when the come off an exit and wait until just before the exit lane forces them to merge. MERGE ALREADY!!!! I am not flashing my hi-beams at you to tell you to go slower!

I get so annoyed when:

People people get sloppy with mail subject lines, and type things in that don't reflect the actual conversation.
It's so nice to see the rare email conversation which is actually about the subject line.
When you look in your folders, everything's all neat and orderly.
That's how it was when I worked at IBM:
Subject: "Thinkpad S/N 12345ABCDE still in repair?" Now, that's an email that makes sense!

It makes it so hard to find anything!

And, I really don't care for having to depend on a global search to find something for me.
I know, I know...people rave about the ease and speed of global searches, but I want to be able to find things by myself, thank you,
in case something is making Outlook really slow unable to open (like, for instance, now).
And I know I'm asking the wrong crowd, but please, don't say it (well, maybe it's this, maybe it's that...) I need to be able to find my stuff without playing amateur techie all day!
And yes, I can find it on gmail in a global search (and did, a few days ago, while Outlook lagged), I'm not totally against it when it's practical - it's incredibly fast - but what if I have no connection?

I used to use only a certain email program that I knew would allow the user to change the actual email received, subject and body, until I found out Outlook did, too.  I was always editing subjects and content as well to make them consice and orderly  :D.
I guess I could still do that now in Outlook, perhaps I will.

Thanks Josh, this thread is fun... ;)

I can't believe I didn't post this before, but I get seriously annoyed when I'm trying to type, and I"m making the same mistakes over and over and over...
It makes me feel like I cant learn or something.  :-\

I hate that. I know there are spell checkers, but I like to know that I can type fluently by myself.

And, I hate to see the words on the screen wrong in the same places so many times.  >:(


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