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Google Calculator - closed

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This topic has been discontinued.

Very neat!!! Installing right away!!

Really really cool, czechboy!

I don't understand: why do you need the '=' at the end?
Is it to avoid google queries without anything interesting?

(i removed it and it works perfectly :) )

Yes.. it is not to overwhelm google by queries (I do not know if google can ban you or something) but sure you can make query after every single character pressed

it seems like i need to add 2 things:
let user hit enter to activate the plugin (instead of having to type a special character).
and maybe some kind of way to send the plugin a signal after a short delay of no typing, so that plugins like this could query an online source after a short delay so it wouldnt have to check every character, but could still check "live" without requiring enter to be hit.  what do you think?


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