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javascript SDK requests


1)To make custom user regex functioning. Is that possible? The other solution would be to put it into advanced plugin settings.
EDIT: I have also found that instead of writing:
regexstr="^gcal (.*?)=$";
scriptregex=/^gcal (.*?)=$/;
--- End quote ---
we can use
regexstr="^gcal (.*?)=$";
scriptregex = new RegExp(regexstr);
--- End quote ---
EDIT: and further writing
pre_regexstr="^gcal ";
scriptregex = new RegExp("^.*? "+post_regexstr);
--- End quote ---
user can set his own custom alias + regex but only the first part of it. So it can be also solution, but it is not the best...
2) When user saves (hits OK) advanced plug-in setting would call some callback function with user settings instead of just saving it

3) To implement all HTML FORM elements such as select, option etc. to advanced plugin settings

4) To logically separate *.js file and *.dll with separate updating etc.

Hopefully it is not toooo complicated to implement the requests :Thmbsup:

1 is possible. I could add matching group as extra arguments on onRegexSearchMatch. You could then use those and it would make the regex in the preferences active. This is FARR normal way, so I think this is the best option.
2 onOptionsChanged is called when the user press ok. Could you precise what you expect ?
3 would be good. I could also host a webbrowser and let you define options in html...
4 is a lot of work, I'm working on a prototype currently.
 - The options of all modules have to be merged in one interface
 - FARR does not display results before the plugin is complete (and since there would be more than once ), it would mean before all plugins complete.

1) Thanks, sounds great :Thmbsup:
2) I missundestood it all... So thanks for explaining ;)
3) I am looking forward ;)
4) Hopefully it will be solvable somehow

Thank you for your answers and I am looking forward seeing new great versions :)


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