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Video Accelerator


A friend of mine just sent me a link to this site: 

I've searched the forums and found no mention but perhaps one of you are familiar with the product.  Apparently it is from the folks who developed DAP, which I used back in the dial-up days.  They say it will speed up broadband so that streaming video plays much smoother, with no hiccups or skips.  They also keep a record of your video viewing so you can return to a video easily.  If nobody has any experience with it, perhaps I'll give it a go.  They also offer a Pro version that they say will do the same for your iTunes downloads--for a fee.

I just took a 10 second glance at the website. It looks like they are just using the standard tactic of most accelerated file downloaders. Namely multiple connections. However, since video can normally start playing after a short buffering period, and continue to download in the background, I doubt you will see much of a difference.


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