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Extend Firefox 2 Contest Winners Announced by Mozilla

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They finally announced the winners for the Firefox 2 Extension Contest:

Extend Firefox 2 has wrapped up and we’re super excited to announce the winners! We received well over 100 entries, representing hundreds of hours of hard work from people around the world.

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Grand Prize Winners

* Minimap Sidebar Extension by Tony Farndon (UK) - mapping sidebar
* SamePlace by Massimiliano Mirra (Italy) - instant messaging sidebar
* Shareaholic by Jay Meattle (USA) - bookmark sharing and social bookmarking tool
Runners Up

* All in One Sidebar - Ingo Wennemaring
* Boox- Nicolas Martin
* IncSearch - Hirokazu Onozato
* Fast Dial - Sergey Suhoruchkin
* FireGestures - Taiga Gomibuchi
* FootieFox - Boris Ruf
* qtl - Gilad Kutiel
* Shrinkify - Mark Muday
* Table2Clipboard - Davide Ficano
* TwitterFox - Kazuho Okui
* Update Scanner - Pete Burgers
* URL Fixer - Christopher Finke

I'm dissapointed that no one from DonationCoder entered this.  Next time hopefully.

I'm dissapointed that no one from DonationCoder entered this.-mouser (February 12, 2008, 05:41 PM)
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No one? Including the one who suggested participation?


in my club we follow the principle of T.E.A.M.: Toll Ein Anderer Macht's. This roughly translates to "Great, someone else is doing it". Well, we refer to it in a more ironic or cynic way...

Anyway, I doubt we will have to wait for the DC Toolbar for very much longer. And if we are lucky it can be rebranded for other forums using SMF...

Go TEAM go!  ;)


Of all those extensions I only use Fast Dial. I saw this first in opera and very quickly got used to it.

There is a similar extension named Speed Dial. One will have to try both and see which works better for oneself.

Fast Dial.  Speed Dial. -housetier (February 13, 2008, 09:20 AM)
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I have taken up Homepage Startup
- with both Maxthon and Firefox.

Maybe *someone* can and will translate this short essay, 'cause I can't:

Alle, Nogle, Enhver og Ingen.

Der var fire personer som hed Alle, Nogle, Enhver og Ingen.
Der var et vigtigt stykke arbejde, som skulle gøres, og Alle blev bedt om at gøre det.
Alle troede at Nogle nok skulle gøre det. Enhver kunne have gjort det, men Ingen gjorde det. Så brokkede Nogle sig over det, fordi det var Alles opgave. Alle mente at Enhver kunne gøre det, men Ingen indså at Alle ville lade være med at gøre det.
Det endte med at Alle skældte Nogle ud for, at Ingen gjorde hvad Enhver kunne have gjort.-in Danish
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