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Send link and/or webpage?

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I'm wondering if there's a program that can do what I want, which is best explained in an example. I have two PCs, one laptop, one desktop. Let's say I find a webpage on my laptop, but want to "send" it to my desktop, or in other words have it display on my desktop PC. Is there some sort of app that I could just press a button and the displayed page is sent to the other PC? I hope this makes sense. Of course, I'd like this to work both ways: if I'm on a page on my desktop and want to send/display it on my laptop, I'd like to just press a button, and voila!

I imagine this would require a home network, which I have...

Any ideas? Is there something that already exists that does this?

Kind Regards,
Daniel in Tulsa
[email protected]

one thing that definitely exists which would be very close to what you want is a Bookmark Synchronizer.
Basically you would bookmark the web page on one machine.
And on the other machine it would show up in your bookmarks for you to easily click to open.

Yeah, I use Foxmarks for bookmark sync, but I want something that would just open up Firefox and display the sent page. I don't mean to sound picky, but I've been itching for this sort of app for a while now.

And besides, I'm wanting it for temporary use of webpages; so I don't want to have to delete it from my bookmarks then re-sync...


are your PC and laptop connected in any way e.g. network? you can use remote computing tools such as CrossLoop or post the links to a online bookmarking service such as Delicious and give them a unique tag so that you can identify them later.

Both are connected via wireless network. I'm not wanting to use bookmarking services, as I'd have to eventually delete them. What is this CrossLoop that you speak of? FYI I'm talking about links that would be temporary in use.


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