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FScript Javascript SDK - Write FARR plugins in javascript and more.

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Im making my way methodically through all of my programs now updating them with the most important new feature requests.  Anything that plugin writers need will get top priority, so i'm happy to add this in the next couple of weeks.

... so i'm happy to add this in the next couple of weeks.
-mouser (October 21, 2008, 03:37 AM)
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As a native speaker of German I always have to remind myself that when you native English speaking guys say 'a couple' you usually mean two, while we German speakers more often use that expression as 'a few'. At least this is how my English colleagues use it ;)

Related to that I'd like to put the plugin related feature requests I sent you a couple of, no I mean a few weeks ago up for public discussion. I'll do that in a separate topic however.


First of all:
Thanks for FARR and FScript. I like controlling the PC with the keyboard - so this is a perfect tool  :)

As a former programmer I like the idea of extending the functionality with Python scripts.
I have been searching for a while for a reason to start learning Pyhton  ;)

So: I am new to FARR and Python and got stuck in the beginning.

What I tried to do: I converted the sample ruby-script to the Pyhton syntax.
BUT: the plugin doesn't show up at all in the list of plugins
OR: the proberties of the plugin only contain strange characters like ??????? (see attachted screenshot)

My Setup:
 - Windows Vista
 - ActiveState Python v3
 - FScript dll v1.8.0.0

I created a directory with those files:
c:\Program Files\FARR\Plugins\TESTPython\FScript.dll
c:\Program Files\FARR\Plugins\TESTPython\FScript.ico
c:\Program Files\FARR\Plugins\TESTPython\

At this point I have no idea what the problem is  :tellme:
Any ideas to help me?


this is the pyhton script:

--- Code: Python ---displayname="TESTPython"versionstring="0.0.1"author="Author"iconfilename="FScript.ico"aliasstr="ttt"regexstr=""regexfilterstr=""keywordstr=""scorestr="300" # typeUNKNOWN=0; FILE=1; FOLDER=2; ALIAS=3; URL=4; PLUGIN=5; CLIP=5;# PostprocessingIMMEDIATE_DISPLAY=0; ADDSCORE=1; MATCH_AGAINST_SEARCH=2;# search state constantsSTOPPED=0; SEARCHING=1; def onSearchBegin(querykey, explicit, queryraw, querynokeyword):  FARR.setState(querykey,SEARCHING) #start search  #   return result to farr  (queryID,       , title                            ,path                            , icon                         , entrytype=FILE , resultpostprocessing=2        ,  score=300)  FARR.emitResult(querykey,"python TITLE", "python PATH", iconfilename, ALIAS    ,IMMEDIATE_DISPLAY ,5000)  FARR.setState(querykey,STOPPED) #stopped search

You may be the first person actually using any other script language for Fscript besides javascript, and i'd LOVE to see this working.. so i hope ecaradec (FScript author) will check out this thread and help diagnose.  Please don't give up!

Everything seem fine in your sample. I must say that I didn't even try to write a python plugin, since I know little about python. I'll have a look soon.


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