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FScript Javascript SDK - Write FARR plugins in javascript and more.

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Oh man, I should really catch up with the .NET SDK

Great work mate!

Hi Ecaradec,

looks like you are scanning for a fixed set of suffixes (js, rb, vbs, py and pl). So you don't allow for other scripting languages that are integrated into the windows scripting host.
Could you change that and make the plugin try to execute any fscript.* that exists in the same directory the DLL is in.
Or there could be a config file that specifies which script to call.


Looks like you are scanning for a fixed set of suffixes (js, rb, vbs, py and pl).
--- End quote ---
I could search for fscript.* but it would not give me the language that I need to tell to the script control. I could set it in the config file, but I like beeing able to just define a file and have a working plugin. If you want to write a plugin in a language not the list, tell me and I'll add it.

Hi ecaradec,

As I tried out the todoTXT plugin which is based on Python and FScript, I discovered that it didn't work, it didn't even show up in the plugin list. The page at lists the of Python which I have installed and prefer over the ActiveState variant as a valid Windows scripting language.
I don't know anything about how you enable a scripting language in FScript but I suspect that the python and ActiveState variants use different ids or names or something like that and that FScript only checks for the ActiveState ones. Would it be hard to make it configurable what veriant of Python is used or release a version of fscript that uses the variant?


The normal Python installation do not install automatically the activescripting support. You must install the Python for windows extension. Download it at :

However I tried this and the activestate python and I wasn't able to make the plugin work in any case. How did you install your python czechboy ?


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