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Process Tamer.. The Drink

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Tom's right about the splash of water... I didn't want to say anything about the ice, but, well, Tom's er, broken the ice! So there. I tend to drink whisky's neat myself, but a splash of water really does enhance the flavour.

Tom - I LOVE Irish whiskey  :)

Mouser, I have a challenge for you, make a drink that is "flaming". In other words, one that you top off with bacardi 151. If you can do this mouser, you will have earned my respect as a liquor connoisseur

Except, instead of Bacardi 151, go with Gosling Bros. Black Seal 151 -- it's a much more richer, flavorful rum and every bit as flamable. (and for actual drinking, you can't beat their 80 proof Black Seal)

Wait, you mean you cant drink 151? I shoot it all the time!

and for actual drinking, you can't beat their 80 proof Black Seal-allen (March 15, 2008, 06:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

 ;D I misread that the first time around as "driving" not drinking  :o


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