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Interesting But Not Yet Usable Firefox Extension: AutoSaveTextToCookie


This is a really great idea..

But it's not yet usable for the reasons discussed here:

So i recommend people not use this yet.. Anyone know of a similar extension without these problems?

Do you know the following scenario? You hardly managed to fill in a form, but before being able to send or save, your text gets extinguished because of some computer problem. This extension will prevent such annoyances by saving your text with every keystroke.
An own cookie will be used to save your input data. Hence it rests you to decide about the time of final deletion.
With version 1.06 it possible to use local files instead of cookies. This may be of advantage because cookies are limited to 4kB.

--- End quote ---


SessionSaver restores your browser -exactly- as you left it, every startup, every time. Not even a crash will phase it. Windows, tabs, even things you were typing -- they're all saved. in short this add-on covers all bases.. :up:

I am using the greasemonkey script textarea backup, and it works very well for me.

Once I was typing a huge post, a couple pages long I imagine. Well, low and behold: the power goes out!

When I fired my computer back up and restarted Firefox my whole post was there waiting for me!!! I was amazed! No extensions or anything, Firefox did it all by itself.


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