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Endless Zombie Rampage

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If you're squeamish, this game isn't for you.

But if you love a screen that very quickly turns completely red with zombie brains splattered all over to the point that you can't even see anything on the screen anymore except for perhaps a bit of motion to tell you something is there... Endless Zombie Rampage is for you!

I'm not going to post a screenshot of it after a bit... Just imagine the screen is red!

Ah... Zombies never die! They just bite your friends!

If you end up wasting time... Don't blame me. Blame mouser for posting a link to that site first! :D

The only problems with this game is the slow start and the fact that once you get one of the better weapons its almost impossible to lose

requires too much work to play  :down:

Try the survival mode - I couldn't clear the first level on it. (I think I like TD games better - I can win there!)

Here's an intro from another Zombie game -- made me laugh. The game wasn't that good, but the intro was sure funny:

Potentially offensive language

haven't played this yet but reminds me of Serious Sam where the hero has to gun down tons of enemies at any time.


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