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IDEA - new sidebar widget to show status - green/yellow/red


Greetings, Coding Experts,

i have an idea for a sidebar widget that would show a status using stoplighting techniques.  for my particular use, i'd like to be able to show a list of accounts, preceded by a status.  for instance, "project1' might have status "red", "project2' has status "yellow"....

it would be great if i could update that, then people in my group could subscribe, so my indicators would show up on their desktop.

advanced features could be to filter by status indicator, so, for instance, they could show only "red" projects.

is this difficult?  i would guess it would be useful to numerous people based on their particular needs.  an example come to mind about many people working in groups where responsibilities are delegated.


scot b.

i's hard for me to think of uses for your specific case, but i've occasionally thought about the idea of a program that multiple people could run which would show some picture or info representing each others "state" using an image.

So in other words just imagine a program where any number of people on a "team" (2 or more), simply need to enter the same unique identifier, and thereafter see a little image for each other person on the team, including themself.  And they can change the image showing their state easily.  Could be a fun visual way to communicate your mood with your friends, etc.

I think the easiest way to do it would be simply to have the unique identifier be a web page url with id, and run a script on a web page that lets people update their picture, etc.

Could be fun if anyone wants to try it.


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